Day 3: Be Fancy.

Peppermint Paris
It’s ironic that mundane and Monday sound so similar as for most of us, it is the first day to kick off a long and predictable work week; the crux of my current reality. After a monotonous photocopy-centric day, I received a phone call for a dinner date proposal on this overcast Monday evening. With whom, you ask? The best date ever, my fabulous Uncle Giuseppe who was coming through town and wanted to check on his niece over wine and a multi-course meal. Vendu! He invited me to the world-renowned triple Michelin star Pierre Gagnaire located in the Hotel Balzac where an exceptional dinner worlds away from my usual Franprix microwave pasta box took place.
Dinner was a rainbow of langostines, crabs, hazelnuts, asparagus, creams, compotes, whips, herbed butters, tout le tralala. The creativity was endless as each course consisted of little taste dishes with anything and everything deliciously imaginable at my fingertips. A far cry from the service offered by my very own refrigerator. Each dish managed to do the one before, but for me, and might I add uncharacteristically, the piece de la resistance was dessert. 

Being someone who doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth and often goes for the after-dinner cheese plate was feeling like living on the edge, being a maniac and ordered a soufflé; not in chocolate, not in vanilla but in peppermint! Who would have thought? I always imagined heaven would be where vintage accessories, archived collection pieces, endless wines from Bourgogne and Damon Albarn would reside. Not realizing that a peppermint soufflé would be the perfect and now painstakingly obvious accoutrement to bliss. 

It was as if the refreshing flavor of mint chocolate chip ice cream walked into a French patisserie, mated and found its way in front of me.  If I knew this existed, I wouldn’t have wasted so many tears on Monsieur Flâneur and solved my existential crisis with explosions of what can only described as minty madness.
Finding a category for this restaurant on my blog was difficult because this restaurant by no means represents ‘My Paris’ but I couldn’t resist sharing with you all the excitement of the peppermint soufflé that saved my soul last night. Maybe Mondays aren’t so bad after all. All I know is that next Monday has some mighty big shoes to fill.
Pierre Gagnaire 
6, rue de Balzac 
Paris 75008

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