Day 14: Get Your Freak On!

Illustration by Karen Luk

Being freshly single has taken my ambition to new heights to do things that I would have put off back when I was in the nook of coupledom. Since relinquishing my responsibilities of maintaining a home for two, spending time with his family who I actually think I miss more than him and entertaining his friends, I have more free time for me. Excited to check out some of the fun classes that are offered at my gym, I saw one that caught my eye. Something I have been wanting to do for years but just never got around to it. Well I can't think of a better time than now to shake, shimmy, wiggle and jiggle my blues away with an hour of Belly Dancing! Bada ba-ching, ching, ching!

Leaving straight from work and not having enough time to run home and get the belly dancing costume that I don't own, I grabbed the gym bag that I keep in the filing room (a.k.a my office) and off to shake my groove thing I went. I arrived just in time to find myself sitting in a room of beautiful women adorned in gold tassels, red silk and turquoise beads who all sported gorgeously cut torsos. I tried my best to blend in with the girls by tying the red shimmy scarf that was offered to me around my waist. Unfortunately David dominated my look last night. Suddenly, the lights lowered and the serious and severely in-shape instructor came in wearing modest black stretch pants and a crop top that boasted a stomach that you could bounce a quarter off. There might as well had been a smoke machine to announce her entrance, that's how intense her stride across the dance floor was. Without skipping a beat, she commanded us to spread out and to stand up straight with our legs slightly apart as the sound of a banging Doumbek pumped through the speakers.

I haven't swiveled my neck, popped my hips, oscillated my butt and pumped my shoulders so hard in my life and this was only the warm-up! The ladies in my class were beyond impressive and had all the moves down as they gyrated their midriffs with effortless ease. I, on the other hand, was having trouble disconnecting my stomach movements with the rest of my body and just looked like I was getting electrocuted as I was trying to vibrate like everyone else. I was having a ball laughing at what a poser I was. I was dramatically coping their expressions with finger fanning and touching my face while looking left to right and shuffling around the dance floor barefoot. It was fantastic! We learned a choreographed dance that I don't think I quite got down but the teacher informed me that we would be working on and adding to the same routine the following week and that I will feel more comfortable the more I come.

Belly Dancing accomplished my mission, I left there feeling beautiful, challenged and excited for next weeks class. My goal is to be as graceful, confident and sexy as the pros in my class.

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  1. Power to you, girl! :) Sounds like a very uplifting experience!:)

    And it is always good to get in touch with your inner goddess:) (We'll never say it enough:))