Day 15.5: Get A Rub Down.

After months of carrying bagged lunches, notebooks and transporting  heavy tax documents to the post office before the daily cut-off time, I realized my back was in serious need for some TLC. Not having my head on straight these past few months and not knowing where all of my things are, as I am still living out of post-break-up boxes, it escaped my mind that I had the golden ticket to temporary paradise. A portal into a life that does not exactly echo my own, but for two hours, I could fake it. Upon rummaging through folders and boxes that had been stuffed in a frenzy, I finally found it. The gift certificate for an hour massage at the Dior Spa in the Hotel Plaza Athénée.

After a sent e-mail request through their website, the pertinent and helpful staff promptly responded with availability options for the following morning; an ideal way to spend yet another quiet Saturday afternoon alone.
The Dior Institut is located in the timelessly chic Hotel Plaza Athénée. Yes, the same hotel where the final episode of Sex and the City was filmed where Carrie Bradshaw keeps saying “Merci beaucoup, merci beaucoup” to the reception while spinning around and touching her hat. (I kind of hate that scene.)

Entrance in to the decadent hotel welcomes guests with an attentive staff who are set in the background of jewel-tones and rich ambience that conveys true Parisian opulence. In contrast to the old world style hotel foyer, the spa itself fashions clean lines, chrome details and signature Dior cannage accents upon descent down the discreet spiral staircase located to the left of the lobby.
Once I had checked in the with the friendly and bilingual staff, a tour of the facilities was offered where I was escorted to the ladies lounge, just past the complimentary gym and exquisite mosaic reflecting pool. The small lounge featured your basic spa accoutrements a sauna, steam room, vanity table, take-home toiletries and two walk-in showers, that are without question, the size of my apartment. 

Not to make the same mistake as I did, keep in mind that there are two shower nozzles: a traditional fixture in the wall as well as a large rain shower head on the ceiling for a full massaging shower experience. Take note of the faucets to avoid being unexpectedly soaked! The aroma of the ginger infused steam permeating from the signature Plaza Athénée bath gel created a sense of awakening while provoking total immersion into relaxation. 

No spa trip is complete without slipping into a plush over-sized velour robe after utilizing said walk-in showers to wash the grime of the city off. Once in full spa attire, I padded down the quiet hallway as the robe dragged on the marble floors to my appointment.
Shortly after waiting in what I would describe as a ‘beauty lab’, I was greeted by Mariam, the masseuse who briefly wanted to discuss any aches and pains that she should focus on recovering during the treatment. Could she massage a broken heart? Resisting the urge to ask her that, I gave her the basic run down of my tight shoulders from carrying heavy file boxes to my sore lower back from hunching over a copy machine. 

The hour and a half massage using only Dior creams, essential oils and serums showcased that she was a thoroughly trained and was able to detect kinks in target areas while understanding my comfort needs. The session ended with a deliciously tingly scalp massage; the climactic end to total bliss, leaving me feeling lighter, relaxed and reluctant to get up.
The Dior Institut is a small piece of paradise off the ostentatious Avenue Montaigne making anyone feel like a Princess Parisienne! Turning back into my melancholy self on my metro ride back home, I prepared myself a gourmet dinner of chicken soup in a box from the Monoprix and reflected on a lovely afternoon spent visiting another world.

Things will turn around one day, right? I have faith that it will...
Dior Institut Spa at Hotel Plaza Athénée 
25 Avenue Montaigne Paris 75008


  1. If you're gonna pamper yourself, you might as well go for broke:) And at the Plaza Athénée, no less!:) I might try that the next time I'm in town:)

    (I love the posh parts of Paris... I don't know that I would want to live in the 8th, but no trip to the City of Light is complete without a turn down Avenue Montaigne:)

  2. It was a gift certificate from my best friend who has a couple extra pennies to spend on a gift. It was a well-appreciated gift!

    Ave. Montaigne is fun too stroll down, it makes you feel fancy sometimes! I agree with you, I wouldn't choose to live in the 8th, there are so many better arr.!