Day 243: Be Versatile.

What a lovely way to wake up on a chilly January I was presented with the Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely Miss Laura whose blog The Everyday Life of a Young American Girl in France keeps me entertained with her adventures and observations of life in France as a foreigner.

The idea is to share 7 things about yourself to your readers, "fun facts" if you will.

While I certainly can't define myself in 7 compact little facts, here are some things about me that you won't find in my "About Me" section, to give you an idea of what level of crazy you're dealing with over here...

7. I'm a 90's pop culture/music junkie. For example, the Beverly Hills 90210 Soundtrack is one of my favorite albums and not in that hipster "I'm so ironic" way. I listen to it, like for real.

6. In 1999, I tried to be all bad ass and planned to hop trains and hitchhike from Olympia, Washington to San Francisco with a guy with blue hair. I wimped out and took the Greyhound down instead and listened to Tori Amos on my discman for the entire ride. So not bad ass...

5. I spent two years of my life as an extra "background artist" in Los Angeles and frequently see myself on t.v. reruns when I'm in the States. I'm still waiting on those residual checks since I clearly make the scene come alive.

4. In L.A, I once knocked on my next door neighbor's door drunk at 2:00 am and asked if I could sleep on his couch. He said yes.

3. I have three tattoos. Two that I love and one that I just hate - and no, it's not a butterfly.

2. I like to prank call ex-boyfriends. Unfortunately, I can't do this to the French accent would give it away.

1. I'm French by injection. If only my "hardwork" could get me my carte de séjour. With the 2012 elections coming up, who knows what changes will be in sight for La France...

Hey, I never said I wasn't ridiculous... 

Now, I must share this award with another blogger whom I feel encompasses versatility. For me, this was a no-brainer where Mary-Kay at Out and About in Paris was the first to come to mind. MK (as I like to call her) is one of my favorite ex-pat bloggers who has taught me more about my adopted city with her facts, photos and discoveries than I have on my own in almost three years in The City of Light. 

Thank you Mary-Kay for your incredible blog and Laura for honoring me with this award!

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  1. A well- deserved award!

  2. Congrats on your award and I agree, very well-deserved!


  3. I love more facts about the 1990's pop culture things we have in common!! <3 Tori Amos... she was a big part of my 1999. CONGRATS and I can't wait to read MK's!

  4. Congrats Ella! Your blog is amazing (and I love reading more about you)!

  5. Thanks ladies! :)

    @kbh - Were you rocking out to "To Venus and Back"? This album IS 1999 for me!

  6. Jeremy Jordan....all right

  7. Brett!! AHAHAHAH YES!!!

    Donna at the jukebox!!! So good.

  8. Congrats on the award and good going on choosing Mary Kay as the next Blogger Award recipient:)

    In what shows were you an extra?:)

  9. @Duchess - Thanks! It was so sweet of Laura to pass it on to me.

    I did extra work on The O.C, Las Vegas, Joan of Arcadia, 7th Heaven, American Dreams, Six Feet Under, Friends, Mr. and Mrs. Smith (it was so obvious that there was something going on between Brad and Angie!!) and tons more that I can't think of. Seb made a video combining all of my clips that I'll share it with you day. :)

  10. Congratulations Ella!!!
    and you have a great fan base with M.K and la grenobloise, they are both super cool!!!

    6 & 2. Haha!
    5. ??? tu as en dis trop ou pas assès! where is the tape/pictures/URL???
    1. you'll be fine, but you can accelerate the process by either getting
    a french masters degree or marrying Seb lol...

  11. Congratulations on the award! I loved learning more about you than what's in your "about me" section and read that part twice before going on to the bottom. While reading the 7 things that you shared, I had the thought, "Wow, it must have been hard to come up with 7 things" and then I read that you're presenting the award to me. Thank you - for your really kind comments and for honoring me with the award! As I've always said, you're a real sweetie!

    And now my comment is going to get even longer because I have to tell you that after I showed your blog to my son a couple of days ago, he held it up as the example of a well-designed blog and raved about your format with the tabs at the top and extra pages, etc. So, I spent most of this morning playing with colors and trying to re-design the look of my blog only to end up almost back where I started.

    So, not only is your blog versatile, well-written, funny and heart-warming all at the same time, the design also appeals to a 21 year old male who makes extra cash doing graphic design work. Bravo and congrats again on the award!

  12. @Gabe - LOL! Number 6! I enjoy doing's really fun...and it's not because I still have feelings for them, I just like being an ass sometimes.

    I have a video to be shared at a later date. :)

    @MK - You're so very welcome. It's well-deserved. You really put yourself out there and make amazing discoveries. I can see you taking this to a professional level with either a tour guide book or actual tours...ever thought of that?

    And THANK YOU for your kind words. You just made my day. Wow. And sweet, your son thinks that the blog is designed well? That means the world to me because I feel so out of the loop with what's hip these days! Good to know that my blog is passable. Trop cool!