Day 181: Make A Decision.

Kitty's rehearsal dinner last night was lovely and she looked ravishing in a lilac ruched chiffon cocktail dress. I can't believe my little Kit Kat is getting married, it's becoming so real now. I haven't seen her wedding dress yet and since I've waited this long, I don't want to until she's wearing it. She is going to be such a vision tomorrow.

To look alive for last night's dinner, I treated myself to an American mani/pedi, a Long Island girl blow-out and pulled out my M.A.C makeup to cover up my red nose and sunken eyes. I wore a vintage Chanel black cap-sleeved sheath that I got in a vintage store on Fairfax in L.A many moons ago, threw on a pair of Givenchy Maryjanes, took down two shots of Dayquil and I was ready to go. For a girl who was on her deathbed a mere two days ago, I cleaned up pretty well.

We did a run-through at the church, celebrated over Italian food at a trattoria on Jericho Turnpike and the night ended with me at an animal emergency room at midnight. Never a dull moment.

As I was half way through my veal marsala and washing it down with a glass of chianti, my mother stormed into the restaurant coming from a Zurich trip to get the car keys because she received a phone call from my brother Andrew saying that our 17 year old family cat Colonel Forbin was vomiting blood all over the house. This isn't the first incident, this is one of many as he gets older and older. Back in September, after my birthday party, he had a diabetic seizure at 4 am where his tongue was sticking out, he couldn't breathe and his body was flipping all over the kitchen.

So now I am back from Paris and another episode is happening and I'm convinced that he wants to leave this world when the entire family is together. We dropped him off at a third party 24 hour animal emergency room and when I had suggested to the doctor that we put him to sleep, he looked at me like I was a kitty killer, made a snippy comment that I wanted to take the easy way out and demanded that we hand over a credit card before discussing any further. Seriously?

Colonel is 17 years old, his life consists of insulin shots and vet visits, he can't keep food down and water isn't hydrating him anymore. His quality of life is non-existent, not to mention the fact that the cost of his medical visits on my mother's flight attendant salary is astronomical. He went to the vet last week and it cost $600 and last night's stay will be about $1000. I am not putting a price on his life but we don't know what else to do. I don't want to lose our family kitty but I don't want my mother to come home from her next trip and find a dead cat in the house who suffered miserably alone. 

He spent the night at the hospital and we're now heading over to pick him up and bring him to his vet who we believe will give us an honest opinion. If that wasn't enough activity for one day, I'm also going to pick up the rest of my stolen things from Barbara. Today is not going to be fun.

Charlotte is looking at me with concern as I write this, she wants to know where her little buddy is. It's funny how animals can have very human expressions when they sense trouble. I'll keep you posted. Sigh...

I can't wait for 2012.... 

Update: Colonel Forbin passed away in the car ride from the animal hospital to his vet from internal bleeding. He lived a long and beautiful life and will be missed by our family, especially by my brother Andrew. Although he was old and this doesn't come as a big surprise that this would be the outcome of today, my heart is completely broken right now for our 'big dog'.


  1. Wow - do I start with how happy I am that you made it to the rehearsal dinner in fine form or how sad I am to hear about Colonel Forbin. I remember reading/hearing somewhere last week how much Americans spend on pet insurance because the vet bills for aging pets are so high. Both my brother and sister-in-law are vets and they kept one of their dogs alive longer than they should have because they had all of the medicine, etc. at their disposal to keep it going. I'm with you in thinking that Colonel Forbin is ready to move on and wants all of you around when he does.

    I've wanted to ask for some time but keep forgetting - do you do all of the sketches for your blog?

  2. @MK - Thank you for your words from me and my mom. We feel just awful about this. He is still at the vet and we don't want to give the green light because it's too sad but it probably is for the best... : (

    As for the sketches, no, I don't draw them (I wish!). I try to put the artists' name/link if I can. If I don't give credit, it's because I don't have their info. I am a terrible illustrator!!

  3. My stomach dropped at the end of this post. I'm so sorry that your cat passed away xo

  4. Aw, sorry about Colonel Forbin :( I'm sure he (and your mum) were glad you were there at the end x

  5. Thanks Gwan. We really miss him.